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Machine Tool Services  LLC651-308-6954dmiller@mts-mn.comDave Miller  


Machine Tool Services uses a Renishaw QC-10 for tuning accuracy of the machine drives using two axis at a time to check, find and adjust things like backlash, egg shaped holes caused by, but not limited to, mis-tuned drives, axis squareness, acc/dec issues, axis wear. A printout will be available for your iso 9000-9001 compliance.



Machine Tool Services uses an Optodyne MCV-500 for calibrating the positioning accuracy of your machine tool. The data once stored can be used to alter the machines ballscrew compensation table for continued positioning accuracy. A printout will be available for the customer to help with their iso 9000-9001 requirments.


Machine Tool Services offers laser, ballbar and preventitive maintance for your machine tool to keep it in top performance.

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